Anywhere in the world. Any kind of matter at all.

The Tamerlane Group consists of divisions that provide expert professional guidance and representation in major upsets/crises.

Major business disputes cost far more than they should and often end with far worse than best mode results.

Contacted at the earliest stage of suspected onset of any major problem in any company, The Tamerlane Group will bring about a quicker, less expensive, reality based resolution. We are not plodders doing “everything that could possibly be done” and running up outrageous expenses for our clients in the process. Sharply targeted assessment of options and resolution tactics get the matter to completion faster and with far less risk.

The member organizations of The Tamerlane Group are






Our teaming approach to project management puts only the most competent and the fewest people on any project. Our billing rates are flexible and vary according to who the client is; the significance and scale of the problem; and the art of the appropriate, using a considerate rule of reason.

The approaches discussed on these websites provide excellent insight into our perceptions and capabilities. We don’t need to trade on your problems to recruit clientele. Your privacy interests are totally respected.

Feel free to contact us at franchiseremedies@sbcglobal.net or by telephone at 281-584-0519.

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