Using Anonymous Communities To Optimize Project Results

Author Richard Solomon is a conflicts and crisis management lawyer with 50 years of experience in business development, antitrust and franchise law, management counseling and dispute resolution including trials and crisis management.

It is frequently the situation that a company is not solving issues, problems, bringing projects to successful conclusions, finding the right teaming or acquisition partners, expertise that is needed but does not exist with the company itself. Usually there is reluctance to go outside for several reasons. It does not wish it known that it has a particular need that it cannot satisfy in house. It does not wish to wander around looking for expertise in a public manner, and that includes head hunters. It does not want competitors to even know it is working on the project in question. It does not want its acquisition or teaming direction to become known prematurely. It does not want publication of its information to impact its market value. The list goes on and on.

Those difficulties used to delay the completion of important projects and sometimes even cause them to lose the support of the executive committee or other company governance group. Those heading the project fear being thought of as having wasted the budget that was provided. These situations need no longer become mission critical. All this can now be accomplished with anonymity using the Tamerlane Projects and Cyprus Connection Anonymous Community resources.

Posit, if you will, that you have an anonymous stylus under your control that enables you to critique outside resources without having to disclose your identity, the parameters of your project or the criticality of your specific needs. In order to do this effectively, the population of resources has to be provided with the same level of anonymity. There is a virtual conferencing facility in which specific information giving less than complete pictures is used to attract the interest of people/companies with the input capability you desire. Whether it is a development process stymie or an acquisition screening project, or any other need that you do not wish to become public knowledge or identified to your company, you acquire access without compromising who you are or what you are working on Ė until you decide it is the time and connection with which/whom you want to be more candid.

This is anonymity that is also supported with non-disclosure protocols. We will never use the identity of any client for any purpose. We donít need client references for our own success. At the conclusion of any project assignment we will expunge from our records every indicia of our ever working with each other.

It enables you to use a data analysis approach to each encounter as well as every more subjective approach based upon your companyís experience and biases. You cannot give offense because no one knows who you are. We donít suggest improprieties, but describe a less constrained atmosphere in the community that would normally inhere when everyone knows the roster of participants.

In collaboration with you we sort out participants until you get to the participant(s) with whom you wish to work. When/if you and they also choose to reveal identities, after vetting the abstract of retention, introductions and deal terms are negotiated, and the project moves away from anonymity as you determine it should.

The cost of this resource is a negotiated amount based upon set up requirements, out of pocket expenses and the level of participation required by us. It will vary by Client Company, by nature of the project being addressed, and by likely duration. The first step is to establish the details of the protocol, the nature of the community and the qualifications of the desired population.

Participants also need to be vetted to assure that participation does not violate limitations on their activities resulting from existing relationships and agreements to which they may already be a party. NDA obligations are bilateral until the proper pairing is attained and those involved are ready for the mutual revelation of identifying information.

What makes this especially appealing is that there is no such thing as certainty. What we are describing would be fraught with exposure risk if done in any other manner. That necessitates an anonymous community from which to select a most favored candidate or candidates.

This is provided by WWW.TAMERLANEPROJECTS.COM for projects expected to be within the western hemisphere, and by our affiliate WWW.CYPRUSCONNECTION.COM for projects expected to involve resources in the EU, Middle East or Africa. Of course there will be configurations beyond these two likelihoods, and those are managed as per client preference.

We will come to your office to discuss any project in secrecy anywhere in the world and for any kind of project.